Google Maps Store Locator Plugin for WordPress

UPDATE – December 6th, 2008:
We’ve released Version 1.0, which can be found here:

To stay updated on our latest releases, go here:

We’re currently developing a Store Locator Plugin for the popular WordPress content management system.


This plugin will allow for individuals & companies using WordPress to easily display a store locator of their stores, products, or other locations of interest to their customers and online visitors.


Development is expected to be completed by late November 2008. Launch will happen shortly thereafter.

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    36 Responses to “Google Maps Store Locator Plugin for WordPress”

    1. cblock says:

      when do you think this plugin will be available?

    2. Moyo says:

      Greetings cblock, things are looking good, so we’re gearing up to make it available most likely by the end of this month (October 2008)

      In the meantime, please make sure to subscribe to our RSS feed ( to stay updated on the latest developments

    3. Steve says:

      Sounds great. Are you planning on integrating google maps?

    4. admin says:

      Hey Steve, yes Google Maps has already been integrated, we’re now just putting some finishing touches to it.

      Also, If you have anything feature in mind that you would like it to have, don’t hesitate to let us know

      Don’t forget to stay update via our RSS Feed!

    5. Garry says:

      What perfect timing. Looking forward to the end of the month now!

    6. Moyo says:

      Hey Garry, great to hear, and if you have any features you’ve been hoping for, make sure to let us know — and also don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS feed so you know when we officially launch

    7. Erik says:

      Any idea when this will be finished?

    8. Moyo says:

      Hi Erik, we’re aiming to be complete within a week

    9. Awesome, I can’t wait for this!

    10. campusvill says:

      this sounds interesting.

    11. admin says:

      Subscribers and commenters — Thank you all for your patience so far in anticipation of this WordPress store locator plugin. We want to make sure it’s well worth your wait, and we are 100% sure to release it this month of November.

      As we review the product so far, we are making sure that we haven’t left anything unturned in terms of how it can best serve the many website owners who use WordPress.

      As always, please continue to leave any suggestions and comments, we read them all, and they have been very helpful thus far.

    12. Jake says:

      Sounds awsome. Hope it works with Australian postal codes :)

    13. Moyo says:

      Hey Jake — perfect timing for your question…

      We just added localization capabilities to the plugin for about 20+ countries in the past few days — Australia included.

    14. Tony says:

      This sounds EXACTLY what i’m looking for!! When will this be ready? Thanks so much !!!

    15. admin says:

      Great to hear Tony.

      It will be ready sometime between Nov. 27, 2008 (Thanksgiving) and Dec. 1st, 2008

      Updates will be posted soon.

    16. paul says:

      Waiting with great anticipation…

    17. admin says:

      … Don’t worry, we’re very near the end. We won’t keep you all waiting much longer. Thanks for your patience. We’re equally as as eager to get this out to you all …

    18. Tony says:

      Savages..all savages…take your time admin, quality > all.


    19. admin says:

      Thank you. Look at this now as an early Holiday present, thus the wait may be more bearable. We’re pushing for full completion in the next 48-72 hrs.

      With every last-second fix or update, we must ensure that everything else still functions properly — rest assured, we’re working faster than Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt in the 2008 Olympics :)

    20. admin says:

      Thank you all for your patience. Without further delay …

      Version 1.0 is ready!

      Here it is:

    21. Tony says:

      I’ve tried installing repeatedly.

      Keep getting the following error:

      Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

      Fatal error: Unable to read 18618 bytes in /home/tpupaz/public_html/ataarizona/wp-content/plugins/store-locator/ on line 0

      I’m using WordPress 2.6.3

      Thanks!! I’m so excited to get this up and running!!

    22. Tony says:

      I’ve upgraded to 2.6.5 and still same install errors as above.

    23. admin says:

      Hey Tony,
      Good to see you back … in your FTP program, you MUST use “Binary” mode, because files will corrupt if you upload in ASCII or Automatic mode

    24. Tony says:

      Thanks much – I’ve always used auto determine. Plugin is activated, will post results and any other help I can provide. Thanks much!!!

    25. admin says:

      Tony …

      Please re-download the plugin. We just identified & fixed one error unrelated to the one that you were receiving that might prevent locations from showing up during a search

    26. Tony says:

      It works awesome guys , check it out

      I’m gonna try and build a form for the front page that will pass the value of the address to the store locator page.

      If it works you can have a copy to distribute if you want as my way of saying thanks.

      Also let me know if you want any reviews written up on this.

    27. admin says:

      Looks great Tony … Appreciate it. And if your extra script works, let us know!

      Sure, a written review is welcomed.

    28. cblock says:

      it would seem that things are installed correctly, the only thing is that i cant seem to add locations to my database:

      Can anyone help???

    29. laNegra says:

      Thank you so much for this plugin! It’s just what I needed. I’m following every step you make, updating each upgrade.

    30. nowfal says:

      Thanks for the great plugin, it’s exactly what I needed, I’m also purchasing the csv import/export and bulk updater.

      I’d like to setup a page I make in either flash/html that will have the states listed or in map form, that when you click on the state it’ll take you to the store locator zoomed into that state. Is it possible to pass a query string var or maybe make a javascript call to do that?

      • admin says:

        Yes, it is possible to do that … But it would require a some customization to a few of the files in order to do that at the moment

    31. Faliq says:


      I wanna ask, how i can call this plugin function. Because i wanna to put
      it somewhere else beside post and page.

      Do advice me. It would be nice if this plugin can also act like widget.

      Do reply me plz.

    32. Roger says:

      Love this plugin – seriously cool, just one concern intermittently the map of my chosen address flashes and goes to another location in Australia ?!?

      Grateful if you could advise if I am doing something wrong or a fix I can apply.

      Otherwise – amazing…

      • admin says:

        Roger, thank you for the compliments …
        Sometimes that may occur if your dimensions (width, height) for your map are set to too large a value, did you edit the dimensions on the “Map Designer” page?

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