PHP 7 Compatible Store Locator v3.99 Released, Automatic Updates Back

Issues this Update Fixes:
- Error when viewing Chrome or Firefox inspector: “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘documentElement’ of null”
- Blank / gray / not-loading Store Locator map
**Download update now, avoid any current/future compatibility issues**

PHP 7 Compatible Store Locator v3.99 Released, Other Great Updates

WordPress Store Locator is geared to perform on PHP 7

Now PHP 7 Compatible

Happy to update you that WordPress Store Locator v3.99 is now ready, most important feature being that it is fully PHP 7 compatible and ready to perform on the any server.

Thank you to users for feedback and especially providing compatibility reports detailing potential PHP 7 required updates that may have otherwise been missed.

In addition to PHP 7 compatibility, one-click automatic updates via the Store Locator admin top navigation menu and plugins page will now be active again for your convenience.

How to Update to v3.99

1) Download the Store Locator update zip file here

2) Go to your site’s WP Admin plugin uploader by navigating to: Plugins > Add New > click “Upload Plugin” button

3) Log into your website via FTP, go to ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory and re-name your current ‘/store-locator/’ folder to something like ‘/store-locator.old/’

4) Upload the Store Locator update zip file to the WP Admin plugin uploader (from step #2), and activate Store Locator

Now you’re updated — moving forward, your will receive automatic update notifications, so you won’t need to perform the above steps again.

v3.99 Changelog — Other important updates to note:

* Now fully PHP 7.0+ compatible – credit to users for feedback and compatibility reports
* Restored automatic updating functionality
* Adjusted Store Locator admin form input field sizes to fit WordPress 4.7+ styling
* Moved sl_env_var_filt() from readme module to sl-functions file. Helps w/ displaying environment variables
* Added Ukraine as a country/language

Download Store Locator 3.99 Now:

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