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Custom Coding

Custom coding projects start at $400 and up, depending on needed features and functionality.

Every desired feature can’t be predicted, however, custom coding is available for those of you that urgently need a feature, or are looking for a customization that is very unique to your current website task.  Use the form below, and a custom solution will be provided for you.


Many of you have become proficient with the ins and outs of the store locator plugin, so if you know the answer in the forum — don’t hesitate to help others out.

If You’ve Reviewed Everything Above, But Still Don’t Find the Answer, Make Contact Below

While providing support has been important for improving the store locator, it is also very time costly, and slows down development of new features, which many people have been patiently waiting for.   Please carefully review the resources provided above before using the form below.

Also, depending on volume of requests, allow up to 7-10 business days to respond to your question.  Usually, you’ll receive a response faster, but can’t always make that guarantee.


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