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Never had a problem with this plug-in. Love how it picks up the location so easily

We mainly run our business through dealers throughout Canada and the United States. This plug in lets our customers find the closest one nearest them. It is one of the most essential part of our website.
This is one of the most professional plugins I have worked with. It is extremely easy to use. This includes both adding and editing.
There is just a lot of little things that make it easy: positive confirmation that a dealer has been added, searchable table of dealers, continual updates.
Very much recommended

I have used it on a number of sites — very easy to use!

@Viadat Great plugin, fantastic service! Thank you.

Works Reliably and Great Add-Ons.
I’ve used and audited several “store locator” plugins and this is definitely the most robust and easy to use.
Review given as part of Viadat’s Early Access program, March 2014 – October 2015

This is an amazing plug in for WP: Store locator which uses Google Maps

I love the plugin! You’ve done a great job.

Preparing a biz locator list on a WordPress site. Using the Store Locator plugin that allows you to input the info for each biz. Cool stuff!

Perfect solution for my client to let customers know where products can be purchased!

I have used this plugin for years. Would recommend it to everyone. Works great!

This is the plugin I was looking for a year or more. The presence of this map just send me to the top in my field of work. The plugin is easy to use and I’m longing to get the pro version to developp it for having more success. I especialy like the reactivity of the datas to come up to the screen. Great job!

It takes some time to find a good plugin that can do everything needed to work correctly. Its even better when the plugin is free and used on multiple trustworthy sites. It doesnt slow down the theme, reads the users locations, is mobile friendly and runs simple and smooth. If you looking for a location plugin, this is the best.

I use this to maintain a database of locations, which is currently numbering over 3,000. To manually create a map of this kind would be far more cumbersome than I would be willing to do on my own.

Great plugin!!!

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