Last Updated: February 17, 2018

Upgrades (Addons & Themes) Purchases

Paying & Receiving Activation Key(s)

In order to purchase addons and themes, you will go through our available online payment system(s) in order to complete the transaction. After your payment has been successfully verified, you will then be taken to a page in order to download your purchased items and receive your activation key(s) — this information will also be emailed to you.

Downloading Files

Note: each purchase has a limited number of downloads, so please keep a copy of your downloaded zip file(s) on your computer in addition to any emails you receive related to your purchase. If for some reason, the download doesn’t successfully complete, contact us at support [at] viadat [dot] com.

Number of Activations Available

When purchasing a plan via the pricing page, there will be specific descriptions in terms of the (a) number of site activations and (b) length of the term of that plan subscription until it is billed again. The price you see for an purchase will be recurring billing until cancelled. As long as your plan is active, you have the ability to manage and move your site licenses to different websites by activating & deactivating licenses as needed via the plugin interface (and via your account on this website too, when needed). If your purchase plan is cancelled, you will no longer have the ability to move, activate, or deactivate your licenses, however, your products on your site will still work as they currently were prior to your plan being cancelled.


We strongly believe in the quality and value of our products available for purchase, therefore, all purchases are backed by our 30-day risk-free 100% money-back guarantee.

We require that your situation satisfies the following conditions before issuing you a refund:

  1. You are within the 30-day time frame of your purchase. Due to time zone differences, the timestamp of purchase will be used to determine this time limit
  2. You allow our customer support the option to look at your issue in order to potentially resolve it for you
  3. You deactivate all activated addons from all websites on which they are activated for that purchase, in the case that your issue isn’t resolved

Ultimately, your satisfaction is important. By purchasing our products, you agree to this refund policy. Please note, there may be differences in exchange rates between the time you purchased and the time you are refunded, if currency conversion is involved, and you agree to accept any potential currency differences.


The WordPress Store Locator and its addons have no warranty, implied or expressed.

Support Policy

Support is readily available for active plan subscribers whose subscriptions include the needed level of support (either standard or priority support, depending on your plan). If not subscribed to a plan, however, there are numerous resources throughout this website that will help with your issue, in addition to ReadMe files that come with the WordPress Store Locator plugin and its addons.

Customization & WordPress Store Locator Installation Services

Developer Access Requests

If we need admin access to complete customization or installation task(s), we request that you create an admin account separate from your master admin account. Once we complete the customization/installation work, please promptly delete the admin account that you set up for us. This ensures the security of your website and that the admin access information remains solely with you after project completion. “Admin access” may include access to the WordPress admin panel, FTP, or server admin panel (only if necessary to complete project).

General Terms

You agree to hold us harmless for any issues or problems directly or indirectly related to the any WordPress Store Locator customization or installation services that might arise on your website, database, or server. Rest assured, our priority is to always work in manner to make sure to avoid any such customization or installation-related issues or problems.

The above “Developer Access Requests” and “General Terms” are subject to modification from project to project based on specific needs.

Changes to These Terms

We reserve the right to update these terms of service from time to time as needed.  Please make sure to refer to this page often in case of any updates.