WordPress Store Locator — LotsOfLocales

Store Locator Overview

Power your site with this WordPress-integrated store locator possessing some of the best mapping tools for creating simple or comprehensive Google Maps with the additional features needed on the websites that you're building.
Manage Locations

Manage and display a few or thousands of your important stores, points of interest, or product locations anywhere on Earth using Google Maps.
Global / International-Ready

Numerous country options, based on Google Maps API availability. Supports international languages and character sets.

WPML-ready & Polylang-ready for dynamic text translations and use PO translation files to translate static texts.
Custom Map Icons

Several attractive default icons are available for use. Also, allows you to use your own custom map icons --- great for branding your map.

With addons like Categorizer, you can even associate icons per unique category of locations.
Customizing Map Display w/ MapDesigner

Pick useful Google Maps options, such as an inset box, zoom level, map types (street, satellite, hybrid, physical), and more

Further enhance map with the all-new Power Options addon, with options such as
  • custom ordering of search results,
  • searching by name and/or country,
  • custom map styling using Snazzy Maps or MapStylr,
  • map search starting point,
.. and much more.
Miles or Kilometers? You Choose

Tailor your distance units depending on your audiences' distance unit of choice -- miles or kilometers.
Smart JS & CSS Loading Options

Keep each page of your website running as lean, fast, and as little JavaScript & CSS code as possible by showing Store Locator-related scripts only on the webpages where they are needed.
Extendable for Developers

Updated Addons Platform Lite, along with the all-new Developer Console give's developers the tools to create custom features for their clients -- and now sell them too as 3rd-party partners.
Newest Benefits, Found in Version 4.0+
  • Now, you can deactivate and move license keys to other websites (in addition to still being able to activate keys) as long as keys remain valid

  • In addition to new Power Options addon, Developer Console addon is now available for creating your own addons (when using the Addons Platform API). Option to use WordPress plugin API exists too
  • Order your location results by any field now, plus secondary ordering, for more precise search results (via new Power Options addon)

  • All addons now function as WordPress plugins. Install, turn on/off, update from WP Plugins interface -- no need to upload addons via FTP anymore (validate keys same as before via Addons page & pull-out dashboard).
  • Fully PHP 7-compatible, taking advantage of all of its benefits & enhancements (still works w/PHP 5.2+)
  • Original CSV Importer/Exporter buyers: now, activate, deactivate, move your CSV Importer/Exporter, by installing Addons Platform Lite ('Enhanced' Plan & higher)
  • WPML & Polylang-compatible, two of the more popular dynamic language translation plugins for WordPress
  • Store Locator Benefits

  • Mobile-Ready
    "Responsive" design which automatically adjusts for visitors using desktops, tablets, and smartphones

  • International-Friendly
    WPML, Polylang, & .po file-ready for changeable & hard-coded plugin labels. Input locations in any country.

  • Simple to Set Up
    Have your Store Locator working in under 5 minutes. Easily adjust important features via MapDesigner admin settings

  • Easily Customizable
    Use custom CSS stylesheets and select from (or add) your own map icons to customize appearance to website's branding & colors

  • Unlimited Locations
    Expertly manage hundreds or thousands of locations via the intuitive admin location-management interface

  • Constantly Enhanced
    Latest Addons include Power Options -- alphabetical search results, search by name & country, custom map styling & Developer Console -- create your own addons

  • Smart JS & CSS Loading
    Keep your website fast by loading JavaScript & CSS code only on needed webpages

  • PHP 7 Compatible
    Store Locator v4.0+ works with the latest version of PHP (7.0+) to benefit from latest PHP features

  • Miles & Kilometers
    You choose which distance unit suits your audience best