Addons Platform Lite

Addons Platform Lite

The Addons Platform Lite powers all G2 addons (addons created since Store Locator v2.0’s release) via the Addons Platform API, which possesses hooks and filters that are tightly integrated into the admin and frontend interfaces and functionality.

In addition to using the Addons Platform API, developers can extend functionality using the WordPress Plugins API with the same hook / filter names.

Note: For users of the original CSV/XML Importer/Exporter addon (discontinued in favor of CSV Importer/Exporter G2), having the Addons Platform Lite installed on your site allows you now to deactivate & move your CSV/XML Importer/Exporter addon to another site, where you can reactivate it (after activating Addons Platform Lite on that site too).

Minimum Requirements:
1. WordPress Store Locator v4.0+
2. PHP 5.2+

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