On the Horizon ...
On the Horizon ...
Still here working on great improvements for the Store Locator plugin. Thank you all for your great suggestions and requests as always.

For the time being … Have decided to continue to provide updates to Version 1.2 while still concurrently developing Version 1.3, which has been a big undertaking to bring some exciting features.

Additionally, to allow for quicker development, addons will be unavailable starting Friday, Oct. 30rd, 2009 — this will allow improvements to the addon system, and 100% focus on development of new features (many of which we hope to be a surprise), since support is always provided for addons. Themes will still be available however.

In the Meantime…

1) Continue submitting your suggestions — You can do so in the comment section

2) More translations still needed — you can use this translation template to get started: [download#13#nohits] .

… to make translating easier, will most likely set up a dedicated page for translations, so that everyone can see who made the specific translations and also so people can collaborate.

Go to the Store Locator Download Page

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  1. How can I use your tool to show zip codes as shaded areas we cover vs the pin drop for a covered zip code? We have service areas so showing the shading is ideally what we would like.


    1. Good question Kristopher … currently, shading areas isn’t available … however, can potential look into custom-coding into your store locator for you if you would like. Please email support[at]viadat[dot]com if you might need that.

  2. Am getting that an error that “Address 4600 Taylorsville Rd , Louisville, KY 40220-3530 failed to geocode. Received status” What should I do?

    1. Make sure that you are entering each part of the address into the correct field of the address form on the “Add Locations” page.
      Also, make sure you have a name for the location, and try to make sure there isn’t whitespace for each part of the address when typing it in (though this shouldn’t affect geocoding)

      Just tested it in version 1.2.32 and your 4600 address correctly geocoded.

  3. I want to setup a site that allows people to submit a doctor who will help them with a new treatment.

    People have to call around on their own and see if they can find a doctor who will listen to them, so I thought it would be really cool if people could add a doctor who will help to a directory. That way they will be able to help other people with the same condition.

    Can you create an option to have the Business submit form on another page so people can add a Professional or Business?

    For what I’m looking for the first and last name of a provider and an optional clinic name would be great.

    This theme http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-directory-plugin but it doesn’t support trying to find a doctor all over the world very well.

    Speaking of all over the world would it be possible to change the “Select Your Location:” option to use a global map? I expect to get people submitting doctors from other countries.

    1. Great suggestion, may able to do this for. Have seen your email as well, will respond to that.

  4. I just installed the store locator plugin (version 1.2.37) and am experiencing the same problem as Kevin above. I entered an address (including name, with all fields complete and no extra white spaces) and I get the message “failed to geocode.” When I saw the exchange above, I also tried the 4600 Taylorsville Road address, but I get the same message. There must be some extra step in the installation that needs to be done? The API key is fine. If you have any suggestions please let me know as I was excited about the plugin. Thanks.

    1. Ava, after many attempts, I haven’t had any success replicating the “failed to geocode” error you’re receiving. In our test environment, the 4600 Taylorsville Road address geocodes perfectly.

      It is possible that your current domain / API key is currently being limited / blocked by Google, but if that were the case, nothing would work, especially the displaying of the store locator on a page or a post.

  5. Hi, Ah well…it’s not working on my installation for some reason. (I’m running WordPress 2.8.6 if that helps.) The notice to automatically update store locator appeared, and I did that, but still no luck. The store locator with the generic map shows up on my test posts when I preview it with no problem, but with none of the addresses I’ve entered.I’ve tried other addresses but no luck.

    Currently, under Manage locations, all are currently highlighted in a rose color, the latitude and longitude fields are empty, and when I click edit, and try to update I get the message below, same as each time I enter a new address. FYI, each entry has a name, street, city, state and zip and tags. I have a few with every field completed (description, etc.) but that didn’t seem to be the problem either. This is the message I get after adding a new entry or clicking update to an existing entry:

    Address 275 West Woodruff Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43210 failed to geocode. Received status

    I also deactivated other map plugins I have installed (They work but don’t do what store locator does) in case there was a conflict perhaps, but that didn’t change anything.

    Thanks very much for trying to figure out what’s wrong. I appreciate what you are trying to do with this plugin. I guess I’ll just ask if anyone else out there has had this problem and resolved it successfully to post how they did it. If not, I guess I’ll just have to figure out how to work directly with the API (learning curve ahead)!

    Sincerely, thanks again.

    1. Consider simply re-applying for you Google API key again. It seems you current one is wrong.

      Note also that if you apply for an API key for “http://www.domain.com”, it will not work on “http://domain.com” … so always apply for the key for you domain without any “www” or subdomain in the front of the domain name.

  6. chalktalk says:

    It would be great if you added the ability to create multiple maps For example, if I wanted to list all the subway sandwich shops within 10 miles from my hotel in Chicago and then I wanted to list all the Subway sandwich shops near my office in Pittsburgh. Would be a great feature.


    1. That’s a planned upcoming feature, thanks for suggestion

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