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PHP 7 Compatible Store Locator v4.0: New Benefits & Tighter WordPress Integration

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Issues this Update Fixes:
– PHP 7.0+ & PHP 7.2+ compatibility both for base plugin and addons
– Geocoding improvements reported by a number of users (no more red or pink-highlighted locations in admin location management)

**Upgrade now, avoid any current/future compatibility issues as sites upgrade to PHP 7.0+ **
**Helpful Note: Updating to Store Locator v4.0+ is easy for current users
– Don’t worry about losing current locations because Store Locator v4.0 uses the same database as before. Deactivating / activating / upgrading Store Locator never deletes any location data.
– Map settings, custom CSS (stored in ‘/wp-content/uploads/sl-uploads/’) won’t be affected by updating either

Store Locator v4.0+: PHP 7 compatible Store Locator, featuring tighter integration with WordPress and many new benefits

WordPress Store Locator v4.0 is a PHP 7 compatible store locator that’s now ready following a thorough update & improvement.

WordPress requested these updates in order to allow Store Locator to continue providing all the great benefits you’ve had for many years. Additionally, new addon features are now available, many of which topped users’ request list for a while.


All addons, labeled v2.0 or higher, are official WordPress plugins, meaning that they are much easier to install and update than ever before (much less FTP needed now).

Additionally, it more tightly integrates into WordPress’s platform. This allows Store Locator to take advantage of WordPress’s ongoing security enhancements with each new update.

The previous way of installing and updating addons — via our Addons Marketplace — will not be available to new users since WordPress’s admin plugin interface now provides the installation and updating functionality for the base plugin and addons.

Now, Addons Platform Lite v2.0 — which powers all Store Locator addons, just without the Addons Marketplace — will be provided with Store Locator v4.0+.

Get Store Locator v4.0 Now

New Benefits

So many new benefits for developers and their clients exist, but here a some important ones of note:

Fully PHP 7 Compatibility:

PHP, just like WordPress, Store Locator, Google Maps, and any other platform, continues to evolve year by year. PHP 7 is the latest iteration of PHP, thus, stay on top of the eventual shift of web hosting over to PHP 7+. This PHP 7 compatible Store Locator helps accomplishes this nicely.

Still on PHP 5.2? Store Locator still supports that too currently. Would suggest bumping up your PHP version to at least PHP 5.3+, with PHP 7.0+ being preferable, however.

Custom Ordering of Location Results:

One of the many great features provided by the Power Options addon. A popular request that is available for your benefit.

New Addons:

Power Options, as previously mentioned, incorporates several new heavily requested features that give you more power to customize your Store Locator just as envisioned. Developer Console, similarly, provides the tools and guidance to create custom addons that can change & enhance the way that one’s Store Locator operates.

Painstaking effort and thought has gone into building Store Locator v4.0+ based on feedback — the responses from users so far have been positive as it has helped provide the benefits, functionality, and compatibility needed to serve their clients’ needs.

Confident it will do the same for you. There are even more new benefits in the works, so more improvements are coming.

Dynamic Text Translating:

WPML 3.2+ and Polylang plugins provide dynamic text translating — Store Locator v4.0+ integrates with both.

Dynamic translating essentially is being able to translate customizable texts in a plugin’s settings. For Store Locator, these customizable, translatable texts can be found on the MapDesigner admin settings page.

Get Store Locator v4.0 Now
More Information

Many Map APIs – Update WordPress Store Locator for Smooth Operations

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New Year, Resolved Issues — Update WordPress Store Locator

New Year ’16

Greetings to all — Happy New Year — hope that 2016 is off to a great start. This is a quick but informative message to update WordPress Store Locator to at least v3.85 or later in order to make sure not to experience conflicts with WordPress themes, plugins, or frameworks that also include the Google Maps API in their products, but that also unfortunately load the API on every page.


Over the Holidays …

Too many maps can cause problems sometimes

It seems that, during approximately the three weeks following Dec 22nd, 2015, there was a quick rise in similar support questions concerning some users’ maps working most times, but sometimes unpredictably. This was caused on a few websites most often by an error in which the Google Maps API was being included mulitple times on one page, leading to unexpected results.

WordPress Store Locator v3.85 and later resolves this problem for pages specific to Store Locator, so once you’ve updated, everything should be fine again.

Download Here or Update Via Your WP Admin Dashboard

Store Locator v3.7 — Improvements With Custom Post Types & Page Builders

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Custom Post Types / Statuses / Page Builders

As WordPress becomes more advanced, so do the techniques employed by theme & plugin authors.

To keep in step, noticed that custom post types, statuses, and page builders were sometimes causing some users’ maps not to show up at times by preventing the WordPress Store Locator‘s javascript from loading. Store Locator v3.7+ should fully fix that now.

Download Here or Update Via Your WP Admin Dashboard

Now, all should be fine — if your map is sometimes not loading, make sure to update! The latest version is now v3.8 as of this writing.

Store Locator Addon Notice: Save Template Before Updating Location Pages

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Location Pages Users: Save Template File (location-template.php) Before Updating If It’s Been Modified

If you have already made modifications to your ‘location-template.php’ file, save a copy of it to your computer before updating to Location Pages v1.1, released today. It will become ‘location-sample-template.php’ moving forward and will be used as a default template for first-time users.

After this update, your template’s HTML & template shortcode will be stored in the Store Locator’s database, but still modifiable from your Location Pages admin interface.

Great Feedback

Great feedback from our addon users, Early Access members, and regular/non-members in recent months — it has really aided in the development of new addon features and learning what users are looking forward to. Just released WordPress Store Locator v3.5 today, with many base Store Locator and major addon updates as a result.

Store Locator v2.13: Fixes Blank Admin Area Experienced By a Select Few

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Blank Store Locator Admin Area Fix

The latest version of the WordPress Store Locator (version 2.13) addresses a blank admin area experienced by a select few of you when trying to access your Store Locator’s admin.

Seemed to be caused by having certain functionality unavailable or turned off on your server (cURL or file_get_contents), but should now display the admin properly even with those functions off.

Stay Tuned

More Store Locator updates to come in December, stay tuned — and don’t forget to keep your Store Locator updated!

Important: Update To Store Locator v2.x, Which Uses Google Maps API v3!

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Update to Store Locator v2.x!

Update to Store Locator v2! Important!

It is mandatory that you update to v2 of the WordPress Store Locator, because it uses Google Maps API v3.

Older Store Locator versions use Google Maps API v2, which is being shut off soon.

Older Versions Will Not Geocode Your Locations Anymore

In fact, Google Geocoding API v2 seems to already be off. No further questions concerning geocoding errors will be answered for those of you using old versions before Store Locator v2 (geocoding: giving your locations latitude & longitude coordinates).

If your plugin folder is ‘wordpress-store-locator-location-finder’ (stopped at v1.2.37):

  1. Deactivate
  2. Rename the folder to ‘store-locator’
  3. Then reactivate the plugin so that you start seeing updates in your WordPress plugins admin panel!

This renaming notification is in your admin panel. You will not lose your locations.

Just like keeping WordPress up-to-date, keeping your Store Locator up-to-date is crucial, due to changes to external services/APIs such as Google Maps.

Announced This Twice So Far, Don’t Hesitate — Update!

  1. When first announcing Store Locator v2
  2. When telling everyone to update to Store Locator v2.1



New in v2.3 & v2.4 — Additional Options for Map Interface

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New Map Interface Options

Versions 2.3 & 2.4 have introduced options for updating the message seen by your website visitors if:

  1. No locations are found during a Store Locator search
  2. The initially searched location doesn’t exist

Additionally, for those choosing to load locations by default, you can now determine whether to show both the map markers and the listing of results on initial load, or just the map markers.

Translation Template Also Has Been Updated

All languages are welcome, especially since new text has been introduced since Store Locator v2.0, you can download in here: [download#13#nohits]

Important: Make Sure to Update to Store Locator v2.1

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Update to Store Locator v2.1

Important: Make sure to update today to Store Locator v2.1 (you can do so from your ‘Plugins’ admin page, or download the latest here).


It has improved transitioning into using Store Locator v2 for all users (both those of you currently using Store Locator v1 and those who are already using an earlier Store Locator v2), so that there is even better display of your locations on your Store Locator page.

Also remember, Google Maps API V2 (used by Store Locator v1) is anticipated to be discontinued by Google by November 19, 2013, so it’s important to soon be using Store Locator v2, which uses Google Maps API V3.  Any questions/problems, make sure to make contact via the contact page.

100,000+ Downloads & Back With WordPress Store Locator 2.0

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Greetings All

Good to be back with WordPress Store Locator Version 2.0 — LotsOfLocales™.  A great deal of work and feedback from many of you went into this product after learning many lessons since our launch date back in December 2008  — five years have certainly flown by.

100,000+ Downloads

Additionally, the Store Locator plugin recently reached 100,000 downloads on the WordPress plugin directory!  In the same vein of celebrating the All-In-One SEO Pack plugin’s achievement of being the first WordPress plugin to reach 1 million downloads, also took a few screenshots to commemorate — however, simply completing all to-do’s for version 2.0 was reward enough.

More to Come

More to say in upcoming days, one of them being that it will be required to upgrade to WordPress Store Locator 2.0 (which now uses Google Maps API V3) quite soon, due to the fact that Google may be fully discontinuing Google Maps API V2 by November 19, 2013.

Lastly, all systems …

  1. Upgrade purchases
  2. Documentation
  3. Discussions / Forums
  4. Customizations / Custom-coding

… are either already up and running or should be by early this week.  Currently updating details to reflect many of the new features brought to you by version 2.0 of the WordPress Store Locator.  All the best … and enjoy it!

All Gray / Blank Map Issues Should Now Be Fixed! + Enjoy the Holiday Season

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Gray Maps Should Be A Thing of the Past


Made many fixes in version 1.2.33 of the Store Locator plugin for the many of you that have been experiencing trouble with gray / blank maps.

It should be 100% fixed now, if you find otherwise, say so here in the comments! Otherwise enjoy. More fixes coming, hoping to speed up development during the Holiday Season.

Go to Store Locator Download Page


Lastly, the translation template has been updated. Please provide a translation if you create one for your plugin. Here’s the template:


Leaving you with this! …

Store Locator is Required for WordPress 2.8.1 and Above

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Quick Note: Please update to at least Store Locator if you decide to use WordPress 2.8.1 and above.
Due to security tightening measures implemented by the WordPress development team, tweaks were made to the Store Locator plugin, and you will reap those security benefits with version

… More updates in the next few days. All your enthusiasm for this plugin is impressive, working hard towards the next phase, including Version 1.3 and beyond …

Documentation Wiki is Now Live! + New Countries Added in v.1.2.28

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Version 1.3 has the makings of something special. But, with more features, documentation always helps everyone to make full use of it.

Plus, the Wiki format (just like Wikipedia) allows for you to easily contribute your findings, fixes, or hacks to the Store Locator plugin — no login necessary.

Check Out & Contribute to the Store Locator Documentation Wiki:

Many of you have shown some amazing skill in your code contributions through email and in the forum. Please don’t hesitate now to contribute to the newly created Documentation Wiki here:


Below are the Updated Countries in v1.2.28:

* Austria
* Japan
* Taiwan

Added Countries (as of v1.2.28):

* China
* India
* Hong Kong
* Kenya
* Liechtenstein
* Malaysia
* South Korea
* Thailand

Removed Country (as of v.1.2.28):

* Bosnia and Herzegovina (doesn’t appear to be working anymore)



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