Gray Maps Should Be A Thing of the Past
Gray Maps Should Be A Thing of the Past

Made many fixes in version 1.2.33 of the Store Locator plugin for the many of you that have been experiencing trouble with gray / blank maps.

It should be 100% fixed now, if you find otherwise, say so here in the comments! Otherwise enjoy. More fixes coming, hoping to speed up development during the Holiday Season.

Go to Store Locator Download Page


Lastly, the translation template has been updated. Please provide a translation if you create one for your plugin. Here’s the template:


Leaving you with this! …

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    1. Please update to version … this issue is occurring with any sites not using SEO-friendly permalinks, such as yours, which uses “?page_id=” or “?p=” in your web URL
      A future update will address this — thanks for the heads up.

  1. Hi, I am sorry to tell you we are still getting the grey or blank area where no map shows up. The page is here:

    I have cleared the cache, uninstalled WP-SuperCache as that sometimes conflicts with plugins, acquired a new API from Google – all to no avail. It has worked fine all the way up till this week. I was going to show this plugin to another web store owner too 🙁 Please let me know what can be done. Thanks!

    1. Just checked your site in Chrome, IE, and Firefox — appears to be working in all 3 … what browser are you using?

    2. Leah ( … Just noticed that your javascript & CSS are at the bottom of the HTML of your page. There’s no way it will work like that.
      The function needs to be at the top of your HTML (usually in your ‘header.php’ theme file, if it exists, or in your ‘index.php’ theme file) before the tag and before the function — it currently looks like it’s below everything. The store locator can’t load this way.

    1. Same to you OC Limo Party Bus, Enjoy the Holidays

  2. Do you have any instructions on how to upgrade the plugin? I read the Readme.txt file and it doesn’t say. I’m used to upgrades where you just automatically click to upgrade in the Worldpress plugins control panel, so I’m not quite sure how I should go about it, and I don’t want to mess the page up.

  3. When I click on “Check for Updates” in the Store Locator I get this error “Update failed: Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature [code -10]”

    1. Greetings Poppy, thanks for the notification of this error. Looking into it. A way to update from the default WordPress updater is to:

      (1) Deactivate the plugin
      (2) Go to the ‘Plugins’ page
      (3) Click the default ‘Upgrade Automatically’ link
      (4) Click the ‘Activate this plugin’ link at the end of the update process

      We’ve been considering restructuring things so that we just use the default updater moving forward. The current reason for this custom updater has been to prevent the deletion of addons and themes for the many users who have upgraded their store locator with these features.

  4. Click the Updater button at the top of the “News & Upgrades” page. You won’t get a blank map. DailyHemo’s map is now fine, it was fixed in v1.2.33.1

  5. I’m sorry about the multiple posts. They weren’t showing up for some reason, even after I refreshed the page. I wish I could delete 2 out of the first three.

    I don’t mind the customized update button, I’m just concerned because it’s not working Error “Update failed: Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature [code -10]”

    I was wondering if there was a way to manually update the plugin. If I replaced the files in the folder for the plugin with the new files, would it screw everything up?

    1. No problem Poppy. Yes, we’ve seen that error, and are looking into it — hoping it’s not a widespread thing and might simply be related to the update process when we uploaded it to WordPress’s plugin directory.

      No, if you manually download the newest version, and then copy and paste the files on top of your old store locator files, it won’t mess things up as long you haven’t personally modified any store locator files such the stylesheets or PHP files.

    1. Your ‘store-locator.js.php’ file is receiving a ‘500 Internal Server Message’, which usually tends to occur when you modify your .htacess file. So try using the default .htaccess from your WordPress install, and then go to Settings > Permalinks in your admin menu and re-save your permalink settings.

  6. Sorry to be an idiot, but how do I use the default .htaccess from my WordPress install? I don’t really know what that is.

    1. 1) Save a copy of the .htaccess file in your wordpress root directory to your computer (in your case your wordpress root directory is ‘/friendlytest/’)
      2) Open your .htacess file and delete everything in it
      3) Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Permalinks’ in your wp-admin and re-save your permalink settings. WordPress automatically re-creates the content of your .htaccess file

      And now your .htacess should be normal

  7. Also, I don’t have a lot of money to donate because I was laid off a year ago, but I donated by buying a theme just now I hope that helps out.

    Thanks for all the work you’ve put into this plugin. It really is great. It’s the best one I’ve found for the purpose of listing doctors, and I did a lot of hunting around before I settled on this one.

  8. FYI to readers: Carl’s issue solved — folder permissions were set to 777 (which is too permissive).

    Your folder permissions must be 755 and your files need to be set to 644.

    Other than that, as of version 1.2.36 has no blank map issues. Any blank maps will be related to your server functionality or your folder permissions, as opposed to the actual store locator code.

  9. Thanks for your purchase Poppy, much appreciated. Hopefully your layoff period doesn’t last for much longer in this tough economy.

    You’re welcome, glad that you’ve found the plugin to be of great use to — and stay tuned — have only scratched the surface in terms of what we plan for it to be able to do in terms of functionality.

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