If you haven’t updated up to Version 1.2.23 of the Google Maps Store Locator Plugin, definitely check it out! You will notice two major interface changes: One major change on the administration panel, and one major change to the mapping interface

Administration Panel
The “Map Designer” page has been revamped to be a little cleaner to allow for more logical management of the look and feel of your store locator map.

New Map Designer Page
New Map Designer Page (Click to Enlarge)

Map Interface
The Map Interface now uses the new Zoom and Pan tools provided by Google, which gives your store locators a much sleeker appeal.

Even maps deserve a makeover every now and then
Even maps deserve a makeover every now and then

Version 1.3
Version 1.3 is already being worked on, and I must say, I’m liking the new features. Plans are to have it ready no later then end of this month, June 2009.

Any desires, requests for features to be included? Would love to hear them.

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  1. Hello,

    Would love to have a refined search (for example, on the labels) and to have custom markers per labels.


    1. Great suggestion Benjamin … the 2nd part of your suggestion is already in motion, assuming by ‘labels’ you’re speaking about ‘tags’, and might factor in the first part as well

  2. Hi,

    I was actually suggesting that we could refine search based on custom fields (or existing ones.
    Yes I was talking about tags. But I’m wondering which tag will be used if there are different tags for one location.


    1. The biggest benefit of tags comes from the flexibility that 1 location can be searched for under multiple tags. This mean you’re are not limited to classifying a location under just one of your defined categories / topics / keywords — so you can add as many tags as you want for any location

  3. I don’tsee any defined categories. Am I missing one important features ?
    Would be great to have a combination of tags + categories, like WP actually 😉

    1. No you’re not missing anything.
      Tags satisfy your personal pre-defined categories, topics, keywords, products, etc. With upcoming features, planning to allow everyone to better organize accordingly by using the tagging system

  4. Great plugin. A few requests:

    It’d be great if the search input area was not styled with tables. If it was all positioned with completely with css, it would be much easier to customize.
    Maybe you could pull all the inline styles from the function.php file and place all styling within the main css file?
    A Scroll wheel map zoom option would be nice. It’s easy to add it into the file manually, but placing a checkbox in the admin screen would be slick.
    Luxury Item: If the search results were in a sliding div so after searching they would slide open to reveal the search results list.

    Good work!

    1. Thanks Matt. Check v1.2.28. Moved some styling elements over to ‘store-locator.css’ to be customized (mainly for the store results area). May look into moving from tables to divs a little later. The scroll wheel zoom is currently working, I tested it, try it out again. Luxury items will all come down the line too using JQuery once the desire functionality is set in place — Great suggestions

    1. Thank you … Aiming for end of August / mid-September for the version 1.3 release

  5. Loving the plugin. Requests would be:
    1. Ability for a front end form to submit addresses (e.g. a user could submit their location.
    2. Easier customization of the input form (e.g. adding custom fields).

    What’s going to be in 1.3 and when do you expect it to be out?

    1. Thanks, note taken … pushing to have version 1.3 out by mid-September most likely, could be earlier if development goes well
      … bugfixes, better efficiency, more addons, and less hassles are the major goals for it

  6. can someone help me for some reason the map is not showing…


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