Store Locator Translation Files Wanted (You Might Just Get Something Nice in Return)

Flags of the WorldStore Locator Translations are needed to better localize our WordPress Store Locator plugin.

If you have translated it into a different language, make sure to email the PO translation file to info [at] … You might even get something nice in return … How does a discounted Store Locator upgrade sound?

If you would like to translate, but don’t know how, here are some quick steps:

1) Download the Most Recent Translation Template:
Translation Template – As of v3.88

2) Download the program PoEdit:

3) Install PoEdit on your computer

4) Open the Store Locator Translation Template using PoEdit

*PoEdit allows you to translate individual phrases in the code, thus you should translate each phrase that appears. Once you’ve finished, and you save the PO translation file, an MO file (Machine-readable version of your human-readable PO file) will be generated. Email both files to us, and tell us what language it is. And you’re finished — simple, correct?

Completed & Up-to-Date:
* Serbia
* Finland
* Romania

Completed & Update Needed:
* Austria (German)
* Belgium (Dutch, French, German)
* Brazil (Portuguese)
* Canada (English, French)
* Switzerland (German, French, Italian)
* Czech Republic
* Germany
* Spain
* Italy
* Netherlands
* China (Chinese [simplified])
* Liechtenstein (German)
* Argentina (Spanish)
* Chile (Spanish)
* Mexico (Spanish)
* Portugal
* Norway
* Russia
* India (Hindi)

Countries Needed for Language Translation:
* Denmark
* Japan
* Poland
* Sweden
* Taiwan (Chinese [traditional])
* Hong Kong (English, Chinese [simplified], Chinese [traditional])
* South Korea
* Singapore (English, Malay, Chinese [simplified], Tamil)



    11 Responses to “Store Locator Translation Files Wanted (You Might Just Get Something Nice in Return)”

    1. Simon says:

      German is done.

    2. admin says:

      Thank you Simon, your German translation is now available for download here:

    3. admin says:

      Spanish (es_MX) (Mexico) Translation is now available for download — Special thanks to Gwyn F.!

    4. Simon says:

      Sure thing – ah the Spanish is gone too. Nice, one less for me to do, haha.

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    6. admin says:

      Czech (cs_CZ) Translation is now available for download and is included in version 1.2.16 — Once again, special thanks to Simon!

    7. admin says:

      Italian (it_IT) is now available — actually since early March — and once again, thank you Simon!

    8. Remco Spruit says:

      Dutch translation is done also

    9. PB says:

      German is done.

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