Happy New Year to All this our New Year’s 2009 Release — Version 1.1 — with more to come.

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Your suggestions, emails, support and enthusiasm for this plugin are much appreciated, so keep on giving your great feedback. We’ve also been upgrading our development processes and tools, so you can expect additional updates in soon.

We’ve created a .po template that will allow for translation of this plugin into multiple languages — so far, we’ve translated it into French (.po & .mo files are included in the ‘/languages/’ directory of this plugin). To translate this plugin into another language, you can

Download the .po template file here:


Changelog For This Release:

  • Translation: French
    (In order to use a different language, make sure the place the .mo + .po file in the ‘/wp-content/plugins/store-locator/languages/’ folder and change the ‘WPLANG’ constant in the ‘wp-config.php’ file in the root wordpress folder to the language. [e.g. for French use “define(‘WPLANG’, ‘fr_FR’)”]
  • Ability to change the Address field label to something other than “Address” (“Zip Code” for example)
  • Repositioning of links on user interface
  • Ability to change the default zoom level of the store locator user interface
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    1. Plugin cannot be activated because it triggers a fatal error.

      1. Hello Houston,
        For the time being, use version 1.0 …. we’re currently working on a fix for that bug in version 1.1, thanks for the heads up though

      2. We’ve fixed the error — Version 1.1 is now available

    2. Hey just installet this plugin.
      I have entered to locations and the lat/lon er correct.
      Everything work.

      When you goes to the page we can see Denmark witch is our location.
      But when i make a search, its returns no result, or a result in the USA, but no info else.

      Do you have any ide of what could be wrong?

      Best regard

      1. Hello Claus,
        Please provide a link to the locator page and the address of a sample location so I can look into your problem

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