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@Viadat I love the plugin! You've done a great job
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Neat wp plugin idea called Store Locator ...
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Early Access Gold Membership Spaces Filled Up … Plus Many Store Locator Updates in September, October & November 2014

Sunday, November 9th, 2014 

Early Access Gold Membership Spaces Filled Up! But …

… decided to add just a few more spaces:

What is “Early Access”? …

Individual Addons
Popular demand in 2013 for individual addons (in addition to the Addons Platform) warranted creating the Early Access program for you in March 2014. Two stages. First stage — access to individual addons. The next stage will give you even more.

Developers, Website Owners — Make sure to take advantage of this
Will soon be revealing your membership-level-related benefits, at the start of Early Access: Stage 2 before the end of this year — at which point automatic Gold memberships will come to an end. Make sure to join now:

6000 points

3500 points

1500 points

Past Three Months (September, October, and November) — Many Updates — Addons, Themes, and Store Locator


  • Introduced Category dropdown selector — this field allows users to select a specific category to filter locations prior to search
  • Introduced Tags filter — this filter automatically displays all tags attributed to all locations, then allows website visitors to filter search results of locations based on their tagged attributes. Works well along with category dropdown selector and category checkbox options
  • Responsive Themes

  • Thus far, the “SL Starter” Theme has served well as a base, customizable theme for upgraded users (visible to Addons Platform users / Early Access members)
  • Have since released “Streamline”, and “Debonair” themes — both responsive themes, with attractive interfaces. Responsive, meaning that the theme transforms/conforms based on the screensize of your website’s visitors — great for the ever-growing mobile device population.

    Store Locator

  • Numerous WordPress, PHP, jQuery/Javascript compatibility updates — staying up to date with the latest
  • Improvements for Store Locator management interface & ease-of-use
  • In all, always looking to improve many aspects for you, our users. Much work ahead, but make sure to take advantage of the benefits that are currently available!


    Store Locator v3.7 — Improvements With Custom Post Types & Page Builders

    Monday, September 22nd, 2014 

    Custom Post Types / Statuses / Page Builders

    WordPress Store Locator Version 3.7As WordPress becomes more advanced, so do the techniques employed by theme & plugin authors.

    To keep in step, noticed that custom post types, statuses, and page builders were sometimes causing some users’ maps not to show up at times by preventing the WordPress Store Locator‘s javascript from loading. Store Locator v3.7+ should fully fix that now.

    Download Here or Update Via Your WP Admin Dashboard

    Now, all should be fine — if your map is sometimes not loading, make sure to update! The latest version is now v3.8 as of this writing.


    Store Locator Addon Notice: Save Template Before Updating Location Pages

    Thursday, August 7th, 2014 

    Location Pages Users: Save Template File (location-template.php) Before Updating If It’s Been Modified

    Location Pages - WordPress Store Locator addonIf you have already made modifications to your ‘location-template.php’ file, save a copy of it to your computer before updating to Location Pages v1.1, released today. It will become ‘location-sample-template.php’ moving forward and will be used as a default template for first-time users.

    After this update, your template’s HTML & template shortcode will be stored in the Store Locator’s database, but still modifiable from your Location Pages admin interface.

    Great Feedback

    Great feedback from our addon users, Early Access members, and regular/non-members in recent months — it has really aided in the development of new addon features and learning what users are looking forward to. Just released WordPress Store Locator v3.5 today, with many base Store Locator and major addon updates as a result.


    Tutorial: How to Use File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

    Friday, May 9th, 2014 

    Using FTP

    Not everyone using the WordPress Store Locator plugin & its addons are highly technical — and that’s okay.  WordPress is an online publishing tool that makes life very easy for both highly-technical developers and non-technical users alike.  Likewise, the aim has always been to create a Store Locator that also follows in the mold of WordPress’s ease of use.

    After helping a number of users to use File Transfer Protocol (FTP), in order to get their addons up and running, decided to share this tutorial that has been shared with them — and hopefully it will help many others.

    How to upload folders/files to your website (CSV Importer addon example)

    1) You will need to use FTP to upload folders & files to your website.  FTP is “File Transfer Protocol” — It’s how you can upload and download files from your website’s server (“server” is the remote computer hosting your website’s files so that it shows up online as a website)

    2) Easiest way to get FTP:  Use the browser, FireFox, and install the FireFTP addon: (you can also go to “Tools > Add-ons” from within FireFox and then search for “FireFTP”)

    FF addons

    3) To log into your website using FireFTP (in order to upload folders & files), click the blue seahorse icon that shows up near your browser’s address bar. Then, from the drop down menu, choose “Create an account…”

    FTP login

    4) Then, you will need to create an account for your website using the FTP login credentials for your website (might need to ask your website host about this, or if you use cPanel, the login might be the same for FTP)


    (Note: Steps 5 & 6 pertain directly to the CSV Importer addon)

    5) Once successfully connected, you will see the files on your computer on the left side of the screen, and the files on your website’s server on the right side of the screen. You will want to take your unzipped folder ‘/csv-xml-importer-exporter/’ and upload it to ‘/{your_WordPress_root}/wp-content/uploads/sl-uploads/addons/’  using the Green Right Arrow in the middle (use the Left Arrow to download files from your website to your computer)


    6) After successfully uploading to the “/addons” folder, go to your Store Locator admin Dashboard, and activate the CSV Importer using the key you received in your email (in your case, you will see the CSV Importer under “Activation Keys” instead of the Addons Platform).  Paste your activation key here, and click the “Activate” button.  Now you can go to Locations > Add, and perform your CSV import … but make sure to review the CSV Importer documentation beforehand.

    dashboard validate


    Don’t Miss Out: Individual Addons, Store Locator v3.0 & More — Opens Monday, March 17th, 2014, 1pm EDT

    Friday, March 14th, 2014 

    Early Access

    … Also, You Will Earn These …

    6000 points

    3500 points

    1500 points

    … This …

    … + Store Locator v3.0 + More … Submitting Your Entry is Free, But Space is Limited, So Don’t Miss Out.



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