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Thanks and great plugin!!
Shaun J.
I installed your brilliant store locator to my site today ... Nice job on the plug-in. It's first class
Mike V.

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Friday, March 14th, 2014 

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Store Locator User Spotlight: Nuts ‘N More, ABC Shark Tank Success

Sunday, January 12th, 2014 

Nuts 'N More -- ABC's Shark TankNuts ‘N More — Success Story

As avid watchers of ABC’s television show, “Shark Tank”, noticed this past Friday, January 10th, that they featured an update segment on a fast-growing nutritional food company, Nuts ‘N More, based out of Rhode Island, on Episode 5.13 (full episode link).

Nuts ‘N More successfully pitched and partnered with two Shark Tank investors, Mark Cuban & Robert Herjavec, during their original showing on Episode 4.20 (episode segment) in a creatively structured deal in which they agreed to partner with the two Sharks by giving them a 35% stake in exchange for their requested $250K investment, but only with an initial cash investment of $75K to allow Nuts ‘N More to source their needed ingredients at better bulk prices, with the remaining $175K to be invested afterwards for future purchase orders.

Watch Nuts ‘N More’s Original Segment Here:

Thought They Looked Familiar ….

Nuts ‘N More sure did sound awfully familiar — you know why? — because they’re a WordPress Store Locator user!  But it really wasn’t too difficult to figure out, because immediately following their update segment on TV, their website’s visitor traffic must have significantly spiked, because our website received several referrals from Nuts ‘N More’s website.

It’s always thrilling to see other entrepreneurs succeed (particularly liked the Nuts ‘N More founders’ belief in themselves and their willingness to negotiate a better percentage for themselves in regards to the original offer from the Sharks).  Wishing them continued growth and success and glad to see that the WordPress Store Locator is allowing their customers to easily find their retail locations as they continue to expand their reach!

Might just need to run out to the nearest store and buy some soon.


Store Locator v2.13: Fixes Blank Admin Area Experienced By a Select Few

Saturday, November 30th, 2013 

Blank Store Locator Admin Area Fix

The latest version of the WordPress Store Locator (version 2.13) addresses a blank admin area experienced by a select few of you when trying to access your Store Locator’s admin.

Seemed to be caused by having certain functionality unavailable or turned off on your server (cURL or file_get_contents), but should now display the admin properly even with those functions off.

Stay Tuned

More Store Locator updates to come in December, stay tuned — and don’t forget to keep your Store Locator updated!


Important: Update To Store Locator v2.x, Which Uses Google Maps API v3!

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013 

Update to Store Locator v2.x!

Update to Store Locator v2.x!

Update to Store Locator v2! Important!

It is mandatory that you update to v2 of the WordPress Store Locator, because it uses Google Maps API v3.

Older Store Locator versions use Google Maps API v2, which is being shut off soon.

Older Versions Will Not Geocode Your Locations Anymore

In fact, Google Geocoding API v2 seems to already be off. No further questions concerning geocoding errors will be answered for those of you using old versions before Store Locator v2 (geocoding: giving your locations latitude & longitude coordinates).

If your plugin folder is ‘wordpress-store-locator-location-finder’ (stopped at v1.2.37):

  1. Deactivate
  2. Rename the folder to ‘store-locator’
  3. Then reactivate the plugin so that you start seeing updates in your WordPress plugins admin panel!

This renaming notification is in your admin panel. You will not lose your locations.

Just like keeping WordPress up-to-date, keeping your Store Locator up-to-date is crucial, due to changes to external services/APIs such as Google Maps.

Announced This Twice So Far, Don’t Hesitate — Update!

  1. When first announcing Store Locator v2
  2. When telling everyone to update to Store Locator v2.1




New in v2.3 & v2.4 — Additional Options for Map Interface

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 

New Map Interface Options

Versions 2.3 & 2.4 have introduced options for updating the message seen by your website visitors if:

  1. No locations are found during a Store Locator search
  2. The initially searched location doesn’t exist

Additionally, for those choosing to load locations by default, you can now determine whether to show both the map markers and the listing of results on initial load, or just the map markers.

Translation Template Also Has Been Updated

All languages are welcome, especially since new text has been introduced since Store Locator v2.0, you can download in here: Translation Template – As of v2.14



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